Top 10 small Business ideas for starting a business with small investment 2021


In today's challenging economy where do budding entrepreneurs look for business ideas and how do they find success what is meant by small business varies widely around the world independent companies are regularly exclusive organizations or associations with by and large under 10 representatives 

if you're looking for profitable small business ideas then you are at 

the right place 


Number one e-commerce business sell anything that has demand in your country with the constant growth of the internet it has allowed trade opportunities to be more accessible to everyone earlier starting a new business was an enormous job especially in sourcing the funds for the business business owners quit their existing jobs obtain a loan from the bank before they began to make any money studies show that about 70% of customers play out a type of exploration on items online prior to buying them


 Number two sell custom printed products one method that is widely used today is having custom printed products there are different types of products that you can go for in this case you can use car air freshener’s tote bags disposable coffee cups and even key chains


Number three web development  is an extensive description of various actions pertaining to the creation of website for the internet of intranet this may comprise e-commerce business development web content development web design web server configuration client-side or server-side coding


Number four data analysis business online businesses need to be data driven to make more informed decisions talented data analysis who can make sense of big data and develop actionable insights are in high demand if you're great at crunching numbers and have significant digital marketing knowledge then this business is for you


Number five personal trainer or wellness coach have you ever wondered what the personal trainer business owners who make over one hundred thousand dollars a year have in common if you are a personal trainer and want to start a business the prospects are indeed very bright for you


Number six freelance ebook writing searching for an ebook writing service online can be a daunting task and is one that often leads to a number of dead-end streets digital marketers and entrepreneurs are likely to hire freelance ebook writing service providers for making marketing and informative ebook writing


Number seven build a niche website building a profitable niche website is one of the most rewarding forms of making money online rather than trying to sell products that may not interest you at a personal level you have the opportunity to share your own knowledge about a subject that you find fascinating


Number eight carpet cleaning business


Number nine freelance content writing business 

Number 10 best online business idea start a profitable blog